Strain & Counterstrain was originally developed by an osteopathic physician, Lawrence Jones, DO, over a 40 year period starting in 1955. It is a manual therapy technique that uses passive positioning of the body to shorten and painlessly release spasmed muscles and joint dysfunctions. This revolutionary manual therapy technique, which I have practiced since 1996, was the precursor to Fascial Counterstrain. Brian Tuckey, PT, was a student of and later instructor for Dr. Jones, and is the creator of Fascial Counterstrain (FCS).

FCS is a hands on technique that removes protective muscle guarding and pain reflexes from fascial connective tissue throughout the body. It is highly effective in treating a wide variety of injuries, painful conditions, and chronic pain. It is capable of normalizing tone in painful muscles, vessels, nerves, organs, ligaments, tendons, and dural membranes. The cranium (skull) is used as a map by assessing the rigidity of the cranial bones to direct the practitioner to location and system within the body that is dysfunctional. Tenderpoints are then used to identify which structure(s) have been strained. A scan of the head allows me to identify and correct the underlying cause of your condition and not just treat the surface symptoms.