I                                                        I was introduced to physical therapy at a young age                                                            from repeated sports injuries. By the age of seventeen,
                                                         I was working for Cascade Physical Therapy in Gresham,                                                          Oregon, and my exposure to the wonders of manual     therapy began. I was fortunate enough to work with amazing manual therapists that shaped the therapist I am today.

I moved to The Gorge in 1994 and began my career as a physical therapist assistant. I focused my career and continuing education on manual therapy, specifically osteopathic techniques. I was always drawn to their holistic approach to the body.

My Strain & Counterstrain (SCS) journey with the Jones Institute began in 1996 which has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience and I continue to learn from them presently with a focus on Fascial Counterstrain (FCS). My passion for SCS led me to become one of fifty board certified Strain & Counterstrain Specialists (JSCC) in the country. I have continued my mastery level education through the Counterstrain Academy.

In October 2013, I received my massage therapy license and began my transition from physical therapy to working under my LMT license as an independent practitioner of manual therapy. It is truly something I love and feel blessed to be able to share.